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About Kimberly

As a little girl Kimberly loved watching her mother apply Makeup. Her mother’s daily ritual of applying rich creams, finely milled powders, and lipstick was Kimberly’s introduction to Makeup and the World of Transformation, Beauty and Grooming.

Since 1998, Kimberly has worked as a Key Makeup Artist on a variety of sets, stages and studios. Productions include: Commercials, Television, Documentaries, Satellite Media Tours, Industrials, Green Screen, Cyber Sets, Websites, Political Debate Forums, Concert Tours, and Print.

When asking Kimberly’s clients to describe her they repeatedly respond: talented, reliable, prepared, consistent, and dedicated. She brings a great work ethic to the set along with precise and timely makeup application techniques and product knowledge.

Very simply put Kimberly says, “I love color, texture, application, and transformation. I love working production, being part of a crew, helping to bring the Client’s vision to reality. Makeup is my life. Makeup Artistry is my passion.”